CoVid 19 Announcement

COVID-19 Announcement from the Aetsoft Team


To all our clients and partners

Despite the difficult times caused by the coronavirus outbreak, we would like to inform you that quarantine won’t affect our operation in any way. No delays or any other adverse effects on the business process; we guarantee the same level of quality and speed of our project development, consulting, and training services to our clients, no matter the distance.

Though the situation with new industry events is somewhat unclear now, we are looking forward to new partnerships and exciting meetings and ready to conduct them online. Stay tuned to further updates!

At the time of quarantine, Aetsoft employees at both offices, Draper, UTA, and Minsk, Belarus, can work remotely. The safety of the staff is the top priority for our company. For now, all business trips and suspended until further notice.

Once again, the current situation won’t affect our services. So expect the same level of response and individual approach from our business development managers, business analysts, project managers, and other Aetsoft team members you work with.

Our network infrastructure is set up to ensure flawless, uninterrupted service when working remotely. A secure VPN connection, top-notch hardware, and regular database backups guarantee safe and consistent operation.

Thank you for your continued partnership with us! Despite the outbreak, we will keep it mutually beneficial.


Yours sincerely,

Aetsoft Team.  


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