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A dedicated team of Java developers
Legal support within Hi-Tech Park
Social benefits, medical insurance
Administrative and accounting support
Recruitment and onboarding
Team supervision

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Greenlight the recruited candidates to be allocated in our office


Supervise the Java developers that you selected


Upon the work completion, prolong the cooperation or set up a new Java team

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The price calculation is transparent. You always know what you pay for.

The calculation is indicative and depends on your request’s complexity and final technology stack.

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Full-time employee cost

10% taxes

For HTP residents

Fixed price

Recruiting, onboarding, facilities, HR, healthcare, legal, accounting, hardware and software, helpdesk, social benefits, administrative support

Fixed margin

For Aetsoft consultancy and management

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    Why choose our Java development services?

    With extensive software development expertise, Aetsoft is ready to provide skilled specialists that answer your and market demands.

    If we don’t have developers with a skill set and (or) seniority level required for your project, we source, hire, and further onboard and train the talent you need.

    Demanded technology
    Demanded technology

    For its rich tech capabilities, Java is a top-choice and a reliable companion when developing applications across various businesses and domains.

    Multilingual support
    Multilingual support

    Java-based applications provide multilingual support so that people can use it independently of the nation they belong to. Plus, language accessibility allows many developers to use it.

    Legal help
    Legal help

    We protect your rights with non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality contracts, and other legal documents to ensure your project ownership is legally-backed.

    Staffing in no delay
    Staffing in no delay

    Java positions are normally closed from 10 to 30 days or even less, depending on the seniority level you look for and other requirements.


    The hourly cost of Java developers in Belarus is lower than that in Europe or the US, yet the expertise is on the same high level.

    Transparent calculations
    Transparent calculations

    We make our pricing calculations as transparent as possible, so you always know what you are paying for.

    Benefits of IT industry in Belarus

    500+ IT companies
    500+ IT companies
    50,000+ IT specialists
    50,000+ IT specialists
    Very low taxes<br> for HTP members
    Very low taxes
    for HTP members

    International IT businesses with development centers in Belarus

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