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Metaverse Rooms: Next-gen, Immersive Interaction Experiences for Businesses and their Audiences


The current trend for metaverses is growing every day.

At our presentation at World Blockchain Summit, Dubai, we introduced Metaverse Rooms, our revolutionary metaverse solution! With it, we provide virtual spaces for every brand, where you can interact with the audience, sell your own NFT collections of unique merchandise, or shop the ones presented in the store.

Now, what can you do with Metaverse Rooms?

  • Introduce a new way for users to monetize their content by allowing them to trade it as NFTs.
  • Create a ‘real-world’-like economy in a virtual environment when making purchases.
  • Give sports brands new possibilities for conducting loyalty programs thanks to crypto-enabled NFT trading.
  • Introduce NFT ownership and staking features to engage users in a virtual trading.
  • Improve user engagement, with fully immersive, interactive virtual spaces to explore.

Metaverse Rooms allows you to launch your own meta site, in any virtual environment you want! Sports, eCommerce, real estate, games, or fashion — with our solution, you can create any virtual world that gives users new, interactive experiences through learning and entertainment.

Our recent case in metaverse development was the implementation of Metaverse Rooms for the famous football club. Within this project, players can explore a virtual museum dedicated to the history and achievements of the football club. The project aims to educate and tell the story of the club and entertain players at the same time while they explore the virtual museum, interact with other players, take part in various minigames and challenges, and even play against football legends in a virtual football game.

Check out this case at our website Maybe yours will be the next one?

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