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Build real estate in the metaverse and maximize your profit-making potential through increased user engagement! Metaverse real estate opens plenty of new ways to interact with the audience; virtual spaces for learning and entertainment, immersive loyalty programs, virtual property ownership through asset tokenization, and even more. We provide enterprise-grade metaverse real estate development services.

Build real estate in the metaverse and maximize profits! Metaverse real estate opens new ways to interact with the audience; virtual spaces, immersive loyalty programs, virtual property ownership, and even more. We provide metaverse real estate development services.


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Metaverse real estate development for your business

Buildings & homes

Unlock new sources of revenue for property owners and investors by building virtual commercial and(or) residential real estate as tokens whose ownership could be distributed in fractions.

Multi-functional centers

Deliver new entertainment experiences to users with a multi-functional center set up in the virtual world; there, users could go shopping, chat in cafés, visit cinemas, conferences, concerts, or relax in zen gardens.


Let users claim property in the metaverse where they could own virtual apartments with customizable NFT assets (furniture, elements of decor, designs, etc.) and the possibility to host events within their spaces.

Fashion stores

Provide fashion brands with new means of profit generation by marketing their products in the metaverse with a meta site for fashion stores, themed NFT collections, and(or) fashion events.

Virtual offices

Facilitate online collaborations between co-workers by setting up a virtual office where they could meet, conduct meetings, and(or) share documents, all within the virtual space.


Open broad opportunities for immersive product demonstrations by providing brands with virtual showrooms where they could showcase their products to the audience and let them try them out online.

Event spaces

Build virtual public venues for event organizers and visitors for multiple-purpose use, such as exhibitions, meetings, seminars, expos, music festivals, and others.

Grocery shops

Move grocery shopping to the next level with a virtual department or grocery store where users could view and purchase products online without having to go to a brick-and-mortar one.

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How metaverse real estate works

We introduce you to Metaverse Rooms, a white-label solution for metaverse property development! With it, you can launch your own meta site and give users new, immersive experiences while encouraging them to interact more with your brand.

It all starts with a user creating their avatar; it can be done by uploading a real-life photo or selecting a randomly generated avatar.

Upon successful login to the metaverse, the user proceeds to a virtual lobby in a multi-functional virtual center or any other space of your choice.

At the lobby’s virtual reception, the user can pick the activities they’d like to engage in, be it a) a virtual shop (of any type you choose) or shopping mall, b) a conference room for meetings, c) a concert hall, d) a residential apartment with a private or public party/event, e) or any other venue you’d request us to add.

Once the activity is chosen, the user enters the corresponding meta room where they can interact with the surroundings and other users.


Metaverse real estate platform development:

  • Digital ownership

  • Accessible investing

  • Investor engagement

Digital ownership

Use case 1. Digital ownership

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Traditional real estate is filled with paperwork and intermediaries, which, however, doesn’t save buyers from fraudsters. Some details may be missing in the contract, and they risk overlooking those and may even end up not being able to claim property ownership.

With metaverse

With metaverse, you can ‘seal’ property deals with smart contracts that ensure their automated execution to save buyers from trouble digging themselves into endless paperwork. Property can be distributed in the form of NFTs, which guarantees their uniqueness and proves ownership.

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Accessible investing

Use case 2. Accessible investing

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Real estate is a good passive income for those who have money to invest. An investor has to purchase a property asset in its entirety to own it, which significantly narrows down the pool of potential investors due to its cost and excludes investment opportunities for many.

With metaverse

Metaverse real estate removes artificial investment barriers built by non-flexible investment requirements and often exorbitant initial rates! It allows for the distribution of virtual property as tokens that owners can split into smaller-rate fractions so multiple users at once can own it.

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Investor engagement

Use case 3. Investor engagement

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In traditional real estate, attracting investments often becomes a challenge; property takes time to build, with many force majors along the way, extending the construction process, which repels many potential investors. Sometimes, the construction doesn’t even start for this reason.

With metaverse

Thanks to a ‘digital twin’ technology, property owners can create digital representations of how real-world property will look once it’s built. By presenting those on the metaverse, they can encourage users to invest in their construction by rewarding them with exclusive perks, tokens, NFTs, or providing other incentives.

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