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Energy management software development for business

SCADA systems

Provide remote monitoring possibilities over your energy management software with an IoT-connected SCADA software, to enable real-time oversight and reporting.

Solar management software

Control energy consumption more productively to effectively balance energy usage and costs with intelligent solar management software that detects energy waste in real-time, with self-generated reports and emergency notices.

Wind management software

Streamline your wind energy management with solutions for wind-related forecasts (direction, speed, etc.), farm operations, site organization and planning, wind turbine remote control and real-time monitoring, and more.

Sensor and tracking solutions

Prevent power loss in solar grids with IoT-based monitoring solutions that automate power consumption to the point of no overuse while providing real-time performance analytics, logging, and calculations.

Utility management software

Optimize energy usage to meet environmental goals set with real-time data capturing across consumption and cost metrics for more efficient utility management.

Power plant prototyping solutions

Create real-life 3D prototypes of power plant construction projects for accurate forecasting and testing of operations, workspace and labor distribution in simulated scenarios.

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Custom energy management software development


Performance Monitoring Solution

We introduce an innovative enterprise platform that ensures efficient tracking and control of your operational equipment performance. With it, users can capture and collect relevant operational performance and conditions data from connected devices, to optimize costs and forecast profits data-driven.

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LightPoint: a p2p-enabled energy marketplace

LightPoint provides consumers with direct access to grids where they can make smart contract deals with suppliers. Though distributed, the platform grants access to the market only for authorized users who pass KYC. It allows for purchasing energy assets with tokens and tracing their provenance and logistics to end-consumers via real-time data connected from IoT devices and certificate of origin authentication against a fake-proof certificate database.


Electric!: a contract management solution

Track and manage all your green energy contracts in one place! ‘Electric!’ is a platform that stores your data in the form of smart contacts visualizing the real-time progress on each one in a single dashboard. This way, you will always have an unbiased, 360-degree view of your energy certificates, energy generation status reports, PPAs, tariffs, and more, to make meaningful decisions at the right time.

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Streamline your energy business with blockchain

Our energy management software development company can enhance your processes within energy workflows even further by implementing blockchain technology! Unlock new possibilities with autonomous, self-initiated procedures, secure data storing, faster transactions, and other innovative features.

Distributed energy markets

Reduce bills by excluding intermediaries; with a blockchain-enabled energy trading platform, you will allow users to purchase energy directly from the grid.

P2P commodity trading solutions

Provide automatic trades and record transaction history on a universal, self-enforcing, and tamper-proof blockchain ledger to save money on security and maintenance.

Provenance tracking solutions

Speed up the development of carbon assets with a distributed blockchain technology that facilitates provenance tracking (as well as costs and emissions tracking) through connected devices and guarantees fast, accurate, and autonomous asset transfers via smart contracts.

Supply management solutions

Match your energy consumption and supply in real-time, with match data collected from IoT devices and registered on the blockchain; it works as a digital notary that keeps an immutable record of plant(s) sourcing your energy.

Progress & data monitoring tools

Track all your green energy contracts (PPAs, tariffs, certificates, on-site generation, and more) in one place, with a blockchain-powered real-time analytics platform that stores data in the form of encrypted, immutable smart contracts.

Data distribution solutions

Ensure the credibility and authenticity of data shared between energy suppliers and internal / external stakeholders, through permission-based blockchain networks that allow for seamless data sharing across authorized parties that you select.


Blockchain applications in energy

  • Energy trading

  • Maintenance

  • Power

Energy trading

Use case 1. P2P energy trading

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Marked up by retailers, wholesale energy prices become a hard bargain for consumers, not to mention the time required to obtain requested resources.

With blockchain

Speed up and rationalize the whole trading process by enabling intermediary-free, distributed power grids, from where consumers can purchase energy directly.

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Use case 2. Cost-effective maintenance

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Companies that run their own commodity trading platforms have to pay through the nose to mitigate continuous maintenance and security issues.

With blockchain

Cut operating expenses with a distributed blockchain commodity trading platform that autonomously maintains its security through encryption and digital IDs.

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Use case 3. Decentralized power

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With the monopoly on electrical power, consumers have to deal with exorbitant fee amounts defined solely by energy providers. Ultimately, those amounts are based on unknown factors (for consumers).

With blockchain

Distribute power among consumers through a blockchain-based platform enabling fast and robust trading at agreed prices.

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