Challenges faced by the education industry

Inefficient data handling
Inefficient data handling

Whether it’s manually verifying documents or entering and retrieving data cross frequently-fragmented systems, data handling methods are outdated, time-consuming, and inaccurate.

Fragmented records
Fragmented records

Staff, student, and contractor identity verification and recording are siloed and rely on manual record-checking and document portage, costing hours of administrative work.

Growing administrative burdens
Growing administrative burdens

Educational institutions must manage increasing volumes of data from more sources than ever before, yet they typically struggle with the same outdated procedures and tools, including data silos and manual management.

Weak data security
Weak data security

Educational institutions must collect, hold, and transfer personal and professional data about staff and students. It can be used to identify individuals, for spear-phishing and other attacks, forming an enticing target for hackers.

Rising user expectations
Rising user expectations

Users derive their expectations of digital services from the intuitive interfaces of consumer-facing products. Educational institutions struggle to meet these expectations with often-constrained budgets while meeting privacy and security requirements.

Vulnerable infrastructure
Vulnerable infrastructure

As connected IoT devices, magnetic-card entry doors, and mobile devices are utilized educational institutions’ networks, managing such complex digital infrastructures while controlling the risk of fraud and hacker attacks becomes a growing challenge.

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Blockchain solutions for education from Aetsoft

Automated administration

Records can be transferred, amended, added, stored, and accessed on immutable ledgers that combine instant access with security and auditability; the process can be automated with smart contracts.

Educational resources

Lecture videos, notes, ebooks, films, music, chunks of code, and more can be stored on the blockchain and securely accessed from anywhere by students and staff through permissioned accounts.

Persistent identity

Easily verify individuals and their records across systems with persistent, automatically-updated identities protected by blockchain encryption.

Distributed security

Blockchain-based networks remain secure even as you add cameras, card readers, temperature monitors, and other elements of educational IoT; thus, they can increase in size while remaining robust.

Autonomous record verification

Documents and records, resumes and images can be automatically verified using tamper-proof, blockchain-based immutable storage and retrieval systems.

Complex resource management

Handle complex resource usage across multiple locations, managing electricity, water, and other resource load balancing, tracking, and accounting dynamically through a network of self-executing smart contracts.

Blockchain applications in education

Student records

Use case 1. Sharing student records


Current databases of educational institutions are mostly vulnerable to hacker attacks, which often results in the interception of sensitive records while data sharing.

With blockchain

Provide a single, distributed database across educational institutions, blockchain-powered, and thus proof against forgery and data thefts.

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Connected devices

Use case 2. Infrastructure security


With the growing number of connected devices in schools and other educational institutions, the matter of data sharing among other device networks becomes as urgent as never.

With blockchain

Arrange a blockchain-based database for all the connected devices within your organization for secure data sharing between them, protected from outside intrusion.

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Use case 3. Automated “check-ins”


Teachers have to manually check attendance and assignment completion of each student, which is long, grueling, and prone to human error.

With blockchain

Automate the validation of all student activities with smart contracts; instant check-ins and no cheating since smart contracts are code-dependent and self-executing!

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