Challenges faced by the IoT industry

Lack of security
Lack of security

According to Gartner, by 2020 the number of IoT devices is predicted to hit the 20 billion mark. Despite the rapid growth, connected devices remain susceptible to DDoS and other attacks.

Privacy issues
Privacy issues

Due to the absence of shared and secure storage for trusted users, fraudsters can steal the data collected from IoT devices and use it for malicious purposes.

Poorly traceable supplies
Poorly traceable supplies

IoT-connected devices used in supply chains cannot guarantee real-time data on each transportation step, from physical conditions to individual characteristics of consignments.

Manual workloads
Manual workloads

IoT data analysis and management can often be a time-consuming and grueling process, requiring manual attention to manage assets and audit data.

Counterfeit products
Counterfeit products

Connected devices cannot prevent data corruption bringing counterfeit supplies to the table. The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018 states that the online trading sector alone lost an estimated $323 billion because of fakes.

Scalability problem
Scalability problem

Centralized cloud-based platforms often need high scalability, with an ever-growing number of connected devices and operations performed on the network.


OLWay: a blockchain-based solution for supply chain, logistics, and IoT

OLWay is a platform where you can connect with your clients on a decentralized network, store supply-related info in an immutable database, and integrate with IoT sensors for tracking shipping data (temperature, humidity, barometer, luminosity) all the way to the destination.

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Car eService Book

Car eService Book: an automotive ecosystem for data tracking

Powered by blockchain, Car eService Book is a custom platform for tracking and collecting vehicle data, like service information, vehicle owner details, records from IoT sensors, driving behavior, and others, across vehicle producers, regional dealers, parts manufacturers, and service centers.

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RTLS: a part of the OLWay ecosystem for warehousing and logistics

The RTLS module allows you to monitor the working efficiency of employees and other warehousing assets in real-time, across operational zones and prohibited areas, to optimize working space and prevent accidents. The collected data is written into a forgery-proof blockchain database.

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Internet-of-crops platform:
an IoT-based solution for tracing cereal supplies

Aetsoft implemented blockchain technology in Centaur AG’s Internet-of-crops platform, an agriculture logistics solution for tracking the provenance of crop supplies. Every asset in a supply chain is connected to IoT trackers and has a unique ID recorded on an immutable, hack-proof distributed ledger.

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Bchain: a DLT solution for smart logistics

Bchain is a blockchain platform that collects data about cargo capacity from connected IoT sensors in real-time, ensuring automated management of supply chains. It automatically verifies shipping transactions, timely notifying chain participants.

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Blockchain solutions for IoT from Aetsoft

Cryptographic protection

Blockchain-based ledgers are built fully encrypted from the ground up, and can’t be attacked using traditional hacking methods.

Private data access

Blockchain and IoT provide a network where data leaks are almost impossible. Only users with the appropriate private keys can see the data, while for others it will be inaccessible.

Transparent supply chains

With blockchain, all parties involved in the transportation process can see the actual data about supplies — from loading to shipment — sent from connected sensors.

Automated flows

Blockchain smart contracts leave no space for human error. They automate operations with IoT data items, thus allowing for their remote management.

No fakes

On a blockchain, every piece of data is signed with a digital tamper-proof key, which guarantees the authenticity of IoT-connected assets with a low chance of corruption.

Scalable networks

Aetsoft builds a limitless environment for IoT platforms' network scalability so that any expansion in size or the number of operations will not bring downtime or crashes.

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Blockchain applications in IoT

Traceable supply chains

Use case 1. Traceable supply chains


In traditional supply chains, data is mostly dispersed across connected devices, making systematic process tracking at every point, from manufacturing to distribution, practically impossible.

With blockchain

Establish a holistic supply chain infrastructure, with data from IoT sensors recorded on a universal, shared blockchain ledger.

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Improved sharing economy

Use case 2. Improved sharing economy


Sharing economy apps are designed for individual use cases such as bicycle sharing, ride-sharing, and others. With the information siloed within each application, users are forced to erratically switch among the multitude of apps to hire a new ride.

With blockchain

Provide a shared database for all types of sharing — or better, a universal, blockchain-powered dapp with single a database — to provide seamless user experience when changing shared devices, without risking to fall victim to data breaches.

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Secured smart homes

Use case 3. Secured smart homes


IoT sensors controlling modern smart home items are vulnerable to hacker attacks due to “single-point-of-failure” risks. A single item hacked might easily compromise the entire ecosystem of smart devices in the house.

With blockchain

Couple blockchain with IoT and enhance smart home security, with data from smart devices encrypted, identification-required. Multiple, distributed data access points, in turn, guarantee high protection against hacks and breaches.

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