Streamline car manufacturing and sales by performing key processes and procedures to the metaverse! You can arrange the metaverse for automotive through simulated environments where customers could try out cars, engineers could learn how to manufacture vehicles, and mechanics could train to repair damages. Request your metaverse automotive solution now.

Streamline car manufacturing and sales by moving key procedures to the metaverse! In simulated environments, customers could try out cars, engineers could learn manufacturing, and mechanics could train to repair damages. Order your metaverse automotive solution now!


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Cut onboarding times & rationalize costs with metaverse

Metaverse-enabled onboarding sessions forever change employee training and knowledge sharing! We offer a custom metaverse onboarding solution for your use case.

A real-life simulator for staff training
Immersive data learning & interactive spaces
Digital twins to test in a simulated environment
Interactive showcases of customer services
Immersive test drives in custom spaces of your choosing
Online examination of employees by AI assistants

Metaverse automotive solutions for your business

Simulated environments

Optimize supply chain management, from procurement to manufacturing, by creating virtual manufacturing sites where production processes can be streamlined in terms of research, design, production, and other aspects.

Virtual training

Make employee training more cost-efficient by conducting them in simulated, immersive environments where they could learn and practice repair and maintenance with digital representations of real-world cars.

Virtual collaboration

Boost collaboration of different production units, including design, engineering, and component testing, with a virtual environment where they could share ideas, design concepts, and digital twins of real-world components to improve and fine-tune those in real-time.

NFT loyalty programs

Discover new ways of building and retaining customer loyalty with NFT-based loyalty programs you can conduct in the metaverse; that is, you could reward customers with NFTs that grant them exclusive perks and benefits for their online and(or) offline activities.

Streamlined manufacturing

Arrange immersive manufacturing experiences for car engineers with a meta space where they could drag-and-drop digital twins of real-world assemblies in a simulated production environment to manufacture digital vehicle prototypes much faster than physical ones.

Immersive customer experiences

Set the scene for online car purchases, the same way as other products can be bought online, with AI-driven virtual consultants that would guide the customer through the purchasing journey, up to the virtual showroom and immersive test drive.

Remote retail

Streamline car dealerships by moving them to the metaverse! By arranging virtual showrooms, you will let your customers test drive cars in a near-life environment and make up their purchase decisions right away online.

New advertising medium

Build a new advertising space for car manufacturers and dealers by arranging contextual advertising right in the metaverse with virtual billboards, display ads, and other ad types.

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How metaverse and automotive work

We introduce you to Metaverse Rooms, a white-label solution for metaverse in automotive! With it, you can launch your own meta site and give users new, immersive experiences while encouraging them to interact more with your brand.

It all starts with a user creating their avatar; it can be done by uploading a real-life photo or selecting a randomly generated avatar.

Upon successful login to the metaverse, the user proceeds to a virtual lobby in an automotive facility (a retail car center, repair shop, showroom, or another) of your choice.

At the lobby’s virtual reception, the user can pick the activities they’d like to engage in, be it a) a car retail center with a test drive, b) a manufacturing plant, c) a body shop, d) a car showroom, e) or any other venue you’d request us to add.

Once the activity is chosen, the user enters the corresponding meta room where they can interact with the surroundings and other users.


Metaverse in automotive industry: applications

  • Virtual engineering

  • NFT-based loyalty programs

  • Immersive test drives

Virtual engineering

Use case 1. Virtual engineering

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Car manufacturing is a lengthy process, and despite the growing technical capacity of manufacturing plants, they are still limited in their ability to produce more vehicles within a period.

With metaverse

Streamline the entire production, including procuring, manufacturing, and assembly processes, by arranging them in the metaverse! Virtual spaces simulate real-life environments, while digital replicates of future vehicles can be produced timewise.

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NFT-based loyalty programs

Use case 2. NFT-based loyalty programs

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Over time, it becomes harder for car dealers to sell additional services, such as extended warranties, insurance coverage, car accessories, and others, as customers often tend to skimp on these.

With metaverse

Increase your average check while extending customers’ experience in the metaverse by arranging NFT-based loyalty programs; in this way, you could reward customers with NFTs that unlock special benefits for purchasing specific products and services from you.

Improve with metaverse
Immersive test drives

Use case 3. Immersive test drives

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Buying a car is always a responsible decision, so making a way to a car dealing center sometimes may not make any sense for a customer unsatisfied with the test drive.

With metaverse

Make test drives more efficient by arranging them in the metaverse! In fact, you can digitize the entire customer journey with virtual car showrooms and online car purchasing (or ordering).

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