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Metaverse business applications


Improve customer loyalty and drive better retention by delivering gamified experiences in your metaverse! You can integrate ‘play2earn’ mechanics into any virtual activity, be it entertainment, learning, loyalty programs, or others.

Interactive loyalty programs

Introduce new ways to boost customer loyalty by conducting your loyalty programs in the metaverse! You can provide rewards and build tiers based on customers’ activities within your meta space, such as event participation, item collection, info sharing, and others.

New work & training experiences

Provide real-time support and education in the metaverse by conducting education sessions in a virtual environment; in the same fashion, you can empower corporate employee training with interactive online sessions.

Immersive content

Diversify the content you deliver to the audience by turning its traditional forms, such as texts, videos, photos, and others, into digital ones the users could interact with in real-time while benefiting from its personalization.

AI-based chats & assistants

Transcend real-life communication experience by arranging networking events and venues in the metaverse where users could meet and chat online, yet in a new, more immersive way, with the help of AI-based chats and virtual assistants.

Virtual advertising

Reach a new prospective channel of communicating your message to the audience with metaverse as a revolutionary playground for your marketing campaigns! Virtual showrooms, online billboards, 3D display advertising — don’t limit yourself!

Digital products

Harness the possibilities of digital twin technology by displaying digital representations of real-life products (such as car assemblies, buildings, museum items, drugs, paintings, and more) in the virtual world to ensure a new level of content immersion.

Immersive retailing

Streamline your online shopping business by delivering customers more interactive experiences; you can set up a virtual showroom, vehicle exhibition and(or) testing mall, dressing room, or any other virtual space to introduce your offerings.

Meeting spaces

Bring mixed-reality experiences to increasingly popular online communication mediums by arranging virtual spaces for business communications (conference rooms), public events (stadiums and concert halls), or casual chat (cafés, shopping malls).

New digital assets

Create new, unique and valuable assets in your virtual world that users would want to own, such as real estate, merchandise, avatars, and more, as NFTs.

Live streaming

Deliver live broadcasts within your virtual spaces by securing the entire process with an NFT-based ticketing system, blockchain-enabled data processing and KYC, and broadcast encryption.

Event management

Change the way you conduct online events by making those more interactive for participants; with us, you can build a meta site for public events with such features as NFT tickets, token rewards, exclusive perks for VIP NFT holders, and more.

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Metaverse Rooms

Metaverse Rooms

Metaverse Rooms is a virtual infrastructure that brings collectors, artists, entrepreneurs, and other communities together in a single hub. There, users can own apartments as NFTs, host events, customize their apartments with purchased and minted assets, and take part in various activities, such as shopping, educating, attending events, and more.

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Metaverse staking

Metaverse Staking: virtual apartments

Metaverse Staking is a marketplace with over 3,000 apartments and communal areas. Players can stake their apartments as NFTs to trade those and earn staking rewards, mint, sell, or purchase a variety of in-game assets (wall panels, decorations, furniture, and more) on a single marketplace solution!

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Metaverse sports

Metaverse Rooms Sports

Metaverse Rooms Sports is an interactive, fully virtual experience for sports fans. Players can explore a virtual museum dedicated to the history and achievements of the famous football club, test their playing skills in penalty games against iconic football players, complete quizzes with rewards, purchase and collect items, and do a lot more.

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