Sports metaverse pushes the boundaries of fan engagement and brand promotion through a variety of interactive activities, all set in the virtual world. Provide an immersive playground where players could join their favorite games with their avatars, learn history of favorite sports teams and brands by exploring the Hall of Fame, collect and trade unique sports merchandise and other items as NFTs, or just watch their favorite games, all in the metaverse!

Sports metaverse pushes the boundaries of brand promotion through various interactive activities. Provide an immersive playground where players could join different games, learn history of favorite sports teams, collect and trade unique merchandise, or watch their favorite games, all in the metaverse!


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Sports metaverse for your business

Football metaverse

Provide a new level of interaction between sports brands, teams, and fans with metaverse football spaces where players could interact with each other in virtual games, when exploring trophy museums, or purchasing merchandise in virtual shops.

Basketball metaverse

Open a never-seen opportunity for basketball amateurs to watch their favorite game in an interactive, immersive format in the metaverse. Also, fans themselves could make their way to becoming a basketball star by creating their avatar and progress by playing virtual basketball.

Tennis metaverse

Simulate real-life tennis games by creating them in the metaverse! The same way as in the real world, players and fans could enjoy metaverse tennis games while fans could also play with or against their icons in 1v1 or 2v2 games and by collecting their virtual merchandise as NFTs.

Hockey metaverse

Let hockey fans explore attractions and history museums related to their favorite hockey teams, collect unique items as NFTs they could trade, or play hockey in teams against other players as well as against digital replicas of their favorite players powered by AI, all in the metaverse.

Metaverse golf

Give players the feeling of being a ‘golf pro’ by playing in a series of golf metaverse games against other players and(or) recognized golf stars, to get a near-real playing experience and acquire the necessary skills without even leaving home. Set up golf in the metaverse!

Metaverse boxing

Build a fully immersive boxing metaverse arena for online fights, for the general public or, otherwise, a private one (for holders of specific NFTs) to watch, or even give all fighting fans a near-real world fighting experience. With boxing in the metaverse, all is possible!

MMA metaverse

Launch an MMA meta site where plates could create their fighters, manage, and train them to build a career in single matches or league-based combat and develop their characters by acquiring new equipment in the metaverse.

Wrestling metaverse

Open an immersive virtual playground for athletes, fans, and gamers where they could bet, join fights, or manage other fighters through sponsorships, to earn NFTs and other assets they could trade or exchange for different perks and benefits in the metaverse.

Virtual training

Create a virtual environment where sports teams could test and hone their skills by playing as metaverse avatars, to devise their playing strategy in simulated real-game situations.

NFT-based loyalty programs

Introduce new ways to build loyalty for sports brands by allowing them to conduct their loyalty programs in the metaverse, where players could participate in various interactive activities to earn NFT rewards.

Immersive ads & product placements

Drive user engagement more productively by conducting your ad campaigns in the metaverse! With immersive display formats, they will never miss your ad, even when watching their favorite game, and will long remember it.

Virtual events

Conduct sports games and competitions online where players could interact with those rather than just watch! Metaverse opens plenty of opportunities for entertainment through full immersion into virtual spaces.

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How metaverse and sports works

We introduce you to Metaverse Rooms, a white-label solution for sports metaverse! With it, you can launch your own meta site and give users new, immersive metaverse travel experiences while encouraging them to interact more with your brand.

It all starts with a player creating their avatar; it can be done by uploading a real-life photo or selecting a randomly generated avatar.

Upon successful login to the metaverse, the player proceeds to a virtual lobby in a sports facility (a stadium, a gym, Hall of Fame, a competition race track, or another) of your choice.

At the lobby’s virtual reception, the player can pick the activities they’d like to engage in, be it a) a virtual sports game to play b) a merchandise store, c) a sports gym, d) a sports game or competition to watch, e) or any other venue you’d request us to add.

Once the activity is chosen, the player enters the corresponding meta room where they can interact with the surroundings and other players.


Metaverse and sport: applications

  • Metaverse training

  • Immersive ad campaigns

  • NFT loyalty programs

Metaverse training

Use case 1. Metaverse training

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Any sports team should act as a single mechanism in order to win. Besides an actual game itself, this concerns their training; however, deadlines and commitments of each team member may make it difficult to synchronize plans and perform regular training.

With metaverse

Remote, metaverse-based training sessions facilitate the coordination of the entire team allowing its members to meet with their digital avatars right in the metaverse. There, they could devise and try out new tactics in simulated, near-life environments, wherever they are!

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Immersive ad campaigns

Use case 2. Immersive ad campaigns

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As a new medium of interaction with sports fans, metaverse respectively requires new ways of promoting your brand; after all, you expect them to stay with you in the metaverse as long as possible; yet, without proper advertising, they will leave soon enough.

With metaverse

Drive user engagement with immersive display formats, such as interactive 3D visuals at virtual shows, merchandise shops, online streams, and other public venues. Users will never miss your ad, even while watching their favorite game, and will long remember it.

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NFT loyalty programs

Use case 3. NFT loyalty programs

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You set up your sports metaverse, gained attention to your brand offering with the right ad placements, yet users leave? It’s time to find the way to build their loyalty on this new interaction medium, otherwise, your metaverse venture won’t last long.

With metaverse

Streamline user engagement in your sports metaverse with interactive loyalty programs where they could earn NFT rewards for participating in various activities, such as collecting in-world items, purchasing exclusive merchandise, quizzes, sports games, challenges, and competitions, and more.

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