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Let customers dive into the metaverse and experience shopping like never before by creating a meta site for retail! Mundane purchases become real entertainment when it gets virtual, with such metaverse retail use cases as immersive product explorations and try-ons, personalized purchase recommendations on the spot, public venues, and even reward events with NFTs!

Let customers experience shopping like never before with a meta site for retail! Mundane purchases become a real entertainment when it gets virtual, with such metaverse retail use cases as immersive product try-ons, personalized recommendations, public events, and even NFT reward programs!


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Metaverse shopping solutions for your business

Virtual stores

Introduce a new, immersive shopping experience with a virtual store of any kind where customers could navigate virtual spaces, explore 3D versions of real-life products, and purchase them online.

Collaborative shopping

Let customers discover a new dimension of eCommerce by shopping together online! They could meet in the metaverse, no matter where they are in the virtual world at the moment, browse virtual stores, and shop together.

Immersive product try-ons

Save customers’ time on visiting brick-and-mortar stores to find the best matching apparel or other items to purchase by creating digital representations of these products they could try on right away, on the spot, all thanks to the metaverse!

Personalized recommendations

Provide an AI-based virtual assistant that could navigate customers through the metaverse by advising them on the latest product arrivals and cross-sells based on their preferences and shopping behavior.

AI stylists

Let customers create the best look of themselves without going any further by giving them into the ‘hands’ of an AI-based stylist! With a digital avatar replicating their real look, they could get personalized styling recommendations.

NFT loyalty programs

Drive better customer engagement in your shopping metaverse by conducting loyalty programs where they could earn rewards in the form of NFTs for completing various activities and making purchases.

Virtual shows

Give retail brands a new way to showcase their products by arranging an immersive retail show in the metaverse, which they could conduct privately among brand advocates or publically to attract more prospects.

Immersive advertising

Open new opportunities for online advertising with metaverse spaces for display ads, banners, and other ad types that could be delivered to target audiences in interactive 3D formats.

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How retail metaverse works

We introduce you to Metaverse Rooms, a white-label solution for metaverse online shopping! With it, you can launch your own meta site and give users new, immersive metaverse travel experiences while encouraging them to interact more with your brand.

It all starts with a user creating their avatar; it can be done by uploading a real-life photo or selecting a randomly generated avatar.

Upon successful login to the metaverse, the user proceeds to a virtual lobby in a virtual retail facility (shop of any type, public event, shopping street, supermarket, or another) of your choice.

At the lobby’s virtual reception, the user can pick the activities they’d like to engage in, be it a) a virtual store of any type, b) a dressing room, c) a shopping mall, d) a showcase event, e) or any other venue you’d request us to add.

Once the activity is chosen, the user enters the corresponding meta room where they can interact with the surroundings and other users.


Metaverse and retail: applications

  • Enhanced eCommerce

  • Shop together online

  • NFT loyalty programs

Enhanced eCommerce

Use case 1. Enhanced eCommerce

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Modern online stores struggle with the task of attracting customers to beat the competition against brick-and-mortar ones; surprisingly, remote shopping alone is no longer enough to win them over. Only innovative metaverse retail examples can change this situation for good.

With metaverse

Make online shopping experience more immersive for customers by recreating near-real, virtual metaverse stores surroundings! There, they could explore items and even try them on before purchasing, just like in a brick-and-mortar shop, and get real-time purchase recommendations, based on their preferences and shopping behavior.

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Shop together online

Use case 2. Shop together online

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Covid, geographical distance, and other factors make it difficult for people to meet and spend time together while going shopping and enjoying other joint activities.

With metaverse

Create a virtual world (metaverse for retail) that users could join with their avatars, meet online, chat, go shopping, and do a lot of other joint activities together, no matter how distant they are in the real world. Metaverse and shopping go together perfectly!

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NFT loyalty programs

Use case 3. NFT loyalty programs

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So far, the metaverse retail industry may seem a strange phenomenon for many unfamiliar with it; you may attract customers to your virtual world, but retaining them and building their loyalty to your metaverse is still a question you need to answer.

With metaverse

Streamline customer engagement in your metaverse by conducting interactive loyalty programs where they could earn NFT rewards for participating in various activities, such as collecting in-world items, quizzes, competitions, and other retail metaverse examples.

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