Blockchain solutions
for healthcare from Aetsoft

Digital health passports

Establish a universal database for patients’ disease tests to ensure an easy way for medical facilities and the patients themselves of tracking health histories, with QR code-enabled data access and sharing.

Pharma supply chain monitoring

Streamline quantity and quality verification processes across pharmaceutical supply chains, based on real-time logistics updates to an encrypted, decentralized ledger.

Data exchange solutions

Provide a secure database of health and trial records for medical institutions, research facilities, and other stakeholders, with permissioned access upon KYC and HIPAA-compliant data exchange.

Automated claims and payments processing

Ensure automated appointment claims’ management and payment processing, including escrow payments and accelerated prior authorization, by utilizing smart contracts.

Document audit tools

Keep a clear history of medical records’ and documents’ possession, with cryptography-protected timestamps and credentials allowing for documents’ easy traceability.

Medical IoT data security solutions

Build a distributed ledger for your medical IoT and ensure the security of multiple connected devices at once by preventing data losses, demonstrating device authenticity, and ensuring their reliable functioning across lifecycles.

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Digital Health Passport

Digital Health Passport: your digital health profile for the ongoing epidemiological control

We designed Digital Health Passport (DHP), a blockchain-based platform where you can verify and store medical histories of patients, proof against forgery. DHP — your companion solution in monitoring infectious diseases like HIV, COVID-19, tuberculosis, and others.

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Blockchain applications in healthcare

  • Centralized database

  • Detecting counterfeit drugs

  • Cost-effective trials

Centralized database

Use case 1. Centralized database

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With patient histories scattered across medical institutions, doctors have to continuously collect data from various care providers, risking to miss something or fail to obtain that at all.

With blockchain

Blockchain establishes a universal database where hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare establishments can seamlessly share data, with immediate access for each network member.

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Detecting counterfeit drugs

Use case 2. Detecting counterfeit drugs

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Insufficient auditability and control within drug supply chains make it difficult to detect counterfeit medications (if any) in logistics, and those might reach drugstore shelves unimpeded.

With blockchain

Get end-to-end transparency across supply chains to promptly detect fakes and weed them out from authenticated drugs.

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Cost-effective trials

Use case 3. Cost-effective trials

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So far, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have to apply for third-party genetic data providers, which makes trials more costly than they could be.

With blockchain

With a distributed blockchain database for genetic data, healthcare companies can collect the required information for trials intermediary-free, hence less expensive.

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