Challenges faced by the fintech industry


Medici Insights projects that global demand for regulatory services will exceed $118bn by 2020. In this light, fintech companies look for innovative and reliable tools that will guarantee compliance with existing regulations.

Transaction fraud
Transaction fraud

Transactions remain difficult to track, and this opacity leaves room for fraud and increases distrust from clients. J.P. Morgan found that in the last five years, payments fraud grew by 82% among US companies.

Unbanked population
Unbanked population

Millions of US residents can’t get loans, mortgages, or rent apartments. According to CFPB, every 10th adult in the US doesn’t have a bank account, while 19m residents have unscored credit histories.

Slow procedures
Slow procedures

From application and credit risk evaluation to transfer of ownership and repayment, modern lending processes are complex and drown in bureaucracy, taking creditors’ time on manual processing.

Expensive remittances
Expensive remittances

Cross-border transactions involve banks, credit card processors, and other intermediaries, increasing the complexity and costs of the whole process.


According to law firm RCP, data breaches reported to FCA jumped 480% between 2017 and 2018, reflecting growing gaps in modern security practices.

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Blockchain solutions for fintech from Aetsoft

Advanced credit scoring

DLT-based tools can improve credit scoring by arranging a vast universal database for client information, with more credit rating resources, including credit histories, available for banks to analyze.

KYC and AML compliance

Store data about every asset and every performed action on a distributed immutable ledger, providing integrity and validity of financial reports and audits to meet KYC and AML requirements.

Ownership tracking

Track and easily validate every transfer of ownership event, with all actions logged in a permanent ledger protected from outside intrusion, forming trusted audit trails.

Direct remittances

Cut out middlemen and save time, effort, and money on remittances to ensure direct sender-to-receiver money transfers through self-executing, code-dependent smart contracts.


Use blockchain to build a cryptographic protection layer around your financial data, with entry points distributed among all nodes, and every action — whether legal or criminal — visible.

Fast operations

Get fast, secure, and autonomous financial operations initiated by smart contracts strictly upon meeting pre-defined requirements.

Blockchain applications in fintech


Use case 1. Fast remittances


Fees, regulations, and fraud risks harden remittances, particularly cross-border ones, and even result in fund theft during transactions.

With blockchain

Provide fast and tamper-proof remittance services for clients, with all transactions taking place on a decentralized, incorruptible blockchain network.

improve processes with Blockchain
Daily purchases

Use case 2. Digital payments


Customers who make purchases daily with credit cards often deal with the provider’s network issues, bringing slow payment processing and even fraud to the table.

With blockchain

Allow customers to pay in blockchain-enabled assets guaranteeing high transaction speeds along with data security.

improve processes with Blockchain
Securities trading

Use case 3. Automated securities trading


Traditional securities trading is a slow and sometimes unreliable process, where buyers should deal with brokers before the exchange, which adds unnecessary friction.

With blockchain

Handle all trading steps, from order to confirmation, automatically by delegating intermediary-dependent tasks to self-enforcing smart contracts.

improve processes with Blockchain

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