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Change the face of modern education by setting it up in the metaverse! We deliver metaverse education solutions that help to streamline the education experience for teachers, lectors, mentors, and students through interactive activities in fully immersive virtual environments. The use of metaverse in education is versatile, spreading across virtual classes, educational conferences, workshops, free-time student activities, and other metaverse education examples.

Change the face of modern education with metaverse! Our metaverse education solutions streamline the education process for teachers, lectors, mentors, and students via interactive activities performed in immersive environments. The use of metaverse in education is versatile: virtual classes, conferences, workshops, and other metaverse education examples.


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Virtual classes

Deliver new teaching and learning experiences by building a virtual space for academic classes where students could learn by interacting with the surrounding items and elements.

Testing labs

Provide stimulating environments for conducting scientific experiments virtually, in any subject, to give near-real testing skills for participants while saving on equipment costs.

Virtual libraries

Open new, immersive opportunities for learning while making the process itself more engaging by allowing users to explore a virtual library where they learn information in a visual format by interacting with items in a virtual space.

Virtual campuses

Build a meta space for extra-curricular activities, such as arts, sports, university clubs on different subjects and interests, and others, to engage users more in student life.

3D tours

Make learning more entertaining for students by creating virtual tours on any topic they learn, including worldwide ones, where they could learn about different countries’ cultures without actually traveling to them.

Public events

Let users learn faster by reproducing life experiences in a virtual world in the format of showrooms, workshops, lecturers, symposiums, conferences, and others that you see as effective.

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How metaverse and education industry work

We introduce you to Metaverse Rooms, a white-label solution for metaverse in education sector! With it, you can launch your own meta site and give users new, immersive experiences while encouraging them to interact more with your brand.

It all starts with a user creating their avatar; it can be done by uploading a real-life photo or selecting a randomly generated avatar.

Upon successful login to the metaverse, the user proceeds to a virtual lobby in an educational establishment (university, school, library, nursery, or another) of your choice.

At the lobby’s virtual reception, the user can pick the activities and(or) class they’d like to engage in, be it a) a library, b) a testing lab, c) a lecture hall or a metaverse virtual classroom on any subject(s) you choose, d) a personal or group session with a mentor, e) or any other venue you’d request us to add.

Once the activity is chosen, the user enters the corresponding meta room where they can interact with the surroundings and other users.


Metaverse in education industry: applications

  • Immersive studying

  • Virtual tours

  • Near-real testing labs

Immersive studying

Use case 1. Immersive studying

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With books becoming a thing of the past, long reading itself is viewed as a boring process, especially by younger generations. At this point, educating those becomes a real challenge.

With metaverse

Make learning more entertaining with a virtual library where users could interact with the surroundings and learn history from 3D presentations and other interactive elements. Encourage them to learn by giving rewards for learning!

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Virtual tours

Use case 2. Virtual tours

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Today’s education needs new interactive formats to communicate information to students; storytelling, videos, and presentations can hardly retain attention or be remembered that much.

With metaverse

Transmit valuable info to students through immersive 3D tours that replicate real-life surroundings, experiences, and situations, making learning an unforgettable, exciting experience.

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Near-real testing labs

Use case 3. Near-real testing labs

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It takes time and resources to build a testing laboratory and set it up with all the necessary equipment to conduct scientific experiments. Also, when we talk about experiments with chemical elements, it also takes time to perform a single experiment.

With metaverse

Run tests more productively and less costly by building your testing lab in the metaverse! Using the digital twins of equipment and testing samples, you could perform more experiments at a time while running those in simulated conditions.

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