Blockchain solutions for agriculture from Aetsoft

Traceable provenance

Track each item from its origins through warehousing and transport to the shelf, and show consumers that information.


Supply chain transparency

Know where each item has been stored, when and how it has been moved, and under what conditions.


Rapid payment processing

Tokenize payments to ensure fast, secure, and cost-effective operations by enabling multiparty microtransactions with negligible fees.


Subsidy management

Blockchain can make allocation, uptake, and usage of agricultural subsidies more trusted by increasing transparency and creating an immutable record of activity.


Inventory oversight

34% of all food waste occurs before food leaves the farm (as per FAO). Manage farm inventory efficiently with blockchain-enabled IoT and automated record-keeping.


Fraud prevention

Trace each item back to its source through a verifiable chain of processing and know for sure it’s what it should be.


Internet-of-crops platform:
an IoT-based solution for tracing cereal supplies

Aetsoft implemented blockchain technology in Centaur AG’s Internet-of-crops platform, an agriculture logistics solution for tracking the provenance of crop supplies. Every asset in a supply chain is connected to IoT trackers and has a unique ID recorded on an immutable, hack-proof distributed ledger.

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Blockchain applications in agriculture

Procurement tracking

Use case 1. Improved procurement tracking


Actual procurement tracking between sellers and buyers depends on third parties that only complicate and prolong the entire process, while practically not securing it.

With blockchain

Blockchain simplifies the monitoring and validation of commodities by replacing intermediaries with automated smart contracts.

improve processes with Blockchain
Crop supplies

Use case 2. Condition control of crop supplies


Farmers have to deal with unpredictable weather conditions, so monitoring and forecasting such factors as excessive rains or, otherwise, drought are crucial for crop survival.

With blockchain

With a proper blockchain solution, farmers can monitor physical conditions of crops in real-time to detect any deviations and take preventive measures promptly.

improve processes with Blockchain
Crop insurance

Use case 3. Reliable crop insurance


Growers that yet fell victim to damaged crops have to apply for insurance companies, which might be a long process and eventually not guarantee them reimbursement.

With blockchain

Automated smart contracts protect insurance deals against fraud and human error, so solicitations become fast and reliable.

improve processes with Blockchain

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