Aetsoft Anti-scam Notice

In light of internet fraud and hacker attacks proliferating over the internet, we have implemented measures to ensure that our users are protected from these scams and other types of fraudulent activities.

Always make sure that anyone who contacts you via email or social networks references this domain as their official workplace’s website. Also, our representatives don’t ask you any personal and(or) financial information (except as stated in our Privacy Policy) via email or over the phone, don’t require you to pay money upfront for a job opportunity, don’t ask you to download and(or) install any software application, and never ask you to create an account on our website.

So if someone pretending to be an Aetsoft employee contacts you and does so, it’s a sure sign of a scam that doesn’t have any relation to the Aetsoft company and(or) any of our employees. All internet resources and websites that have ‘aetsoft’ in their domain name are simply scams that aren’t affiliated with the Aetsoft brand so we aren’t responsible for their actions.

Aetsoft officials use emails only in domain so make sure it is included in the sender’s email address if they contact you.

If someone contacts you for any business or hiring purpose, introducing themselves as an official representative of the Aetsoft company while referencing the domain other than, be sure that person is not someone they claim to be. You should not communicate to that person and immediately report them to the responsible authority.

We take the issue of internet fraud with undivided attention and caution, so under any suspicion of fraudsters contacting you on behalf of the Aetsoft company, please, send us a note immediately via telling about the issue, and we will take the necessary measures to eliminate this unscrupulous behavior or prevent any suspected illegal activity asap.

Aetsoft has always been a legal business operating internationally in absolute compliance with local jurisdictions of each country where we deliver our services. Our strict adherence to the law has made us a reliable software provider trusted by hundreds of honest and respectable businesses from all over the globe, and we assure you that we will continue performing as such.