Key challenges for the travel industry

Data transferability issues
Data transferability issues

Loyalty programs, like air miles and hotel points, are siloed across specific organizations, and passengers can’t transfer data to another organization seamlessly.

Long flight boarding
Long flight boarding

Passengers need identification, tickets, boarding passes, all to board a single international flight. With some journeys requiring multiple check-ins, huge delays are inevitable.

Luggage custody issues
Luggage custody issues

Luggage often gets lost during long journeys, moving between departments and multiple locations. The lack of an overarching tracking system leads to loss of property and trust.

Transaction fees and delays
Transaction fees and delays

Between travel organizations and between businesses and consumers, significant delays and fees are incurred by transnational financial transfers.

Journey fractures
Journey fractures

Travelers must book flights, hire cars, taxis, ferries, hotels — sometimes during the same journey — each provided by a different organization, which is disjointed and inconvenient.

Marketing duopoly
Marketing duopoly

AdAge reports that the Expedia and Priceline travel agencies have a 93% duopoly; other travel service providers struggle to reach customers in a market where big players control access.

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Blockchain solutions for travel from Aetsoft

Seamless loyalty programs

Store loyalty points on a blockchain and allow organizations to assign them. Permit customers to transfer points between member organizations effortlessly and more conveniently.

Complete luggage tracking

Seamlessly track luggage across locations and organizations, using tagging to identify luggage items, with blockchain-enabled transparent and auditable monitoring of luggage transport.

Persistent identification

Verify passengers’ identities digitally and with no friction through blockchain. Cut check-in times and let customers move seamlessly through their journeys without juggling travel documents.

Rapid, effortless payments

Transfer payments across national borders and organizations instantly, with minimal fees. Let customers pay in digital currencies and process payments quickly and transparently.

Single journey experiences

Access other providers and customers to build complete journeys, including transport, transit, accommodation, and more, trustless, through an immutable, distributed blockchain ledger.

Direct customer access

Build cohesive infrastructures that let customers find, pay for, and use travel services directly and with lower prices, ensured by p2p, intermediary-free blockchain networks.

Blockchain applications in travel

Loyalty programs

Use case 1. Transferable loyalty programs


As loyalty programs are dispersed across individual travel agencies, their transfer from one company to another is often frowned with friction for passengers.

With blockchain

Establish a universal blockchain database for travel points and rewards, equally accessible to all travel agencies as members of the network.

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Flight boarding

Use case 2. Fast flight boarding


Besides costs, flight boarding turns out to be an extremely lengthy venture, involving multiple check-ins, each per single order: IDs, tickets, boarding passes.

With blockchain

Allow passengers to authorize and verify all the required documents in a single, decentralized touchpoint — a blockchain database guaranteeing safe, tamper-proof, and shared data access.

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Journey costs

Use case 3. Less costly journeys


Often, travelers have to order services like hotels, taxis, ferries, and others — all within a single journey — from multiple providers, which fractures overall experience and increases costs.

With blockchain

Provide a universal access point for all related travel services through a distributed, tamper-proof blockchain ledger, guaranteeing immediate, feeless access to each service.

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