How dangerous can tonsillitis be for life?

Causes sore throat and tonsils enlargement
Causes sore throat and tonsils enlargement
Large lymph nodes complicate swallowing
Large lymph nodes complicate swallowing
The bacterial infection spreads through the air
The bacterial infection spreads through the air

Introducing the TDA project for tonsillitis treatment

We developed Tonsillitis Detection App for citizens to take immediate care of their health by spotting the early symptoms of tonsillitis. Our mobile application processes the photos of the oral cavity that you took and gives recommendations for further treatment.

Stay alert under the COVID-19 emergency

For its symptoms, tonsillitis may become a premise of the coronavirus disease — if not treated in due time. Order TDA now to get your diagnosis without leaving home.

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How Tonsillitis Detection App works

Start the diagnosis by taking a photo of your mouth with the app.
The app processes the image, comparing it to other images in the medical database.
In the case of inflammation, the app provides recommendations on further treatment and medications.
Once the processing is done, the application adds new research data to its data pool for further self-education and even more accurate diagnostics.

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